Soil Conditioner SiliTom Plant Available Silicon (PAS)

Silicon (Si) is one of the most abundant elements in the earth’s crust. Soils generally contain from 5 to 40% Si consisting of mainly poorly soluble quartz and crystalline silicates, which are inert. Whereas silicon is plentiful, most sources of silicon are insoluble and not in a plant available form.

Plants can only absorb Si in the form of soluble monosilicic acid, a non-charged molecule. Monosilicic acid, SiliTom® Soil Conditioner plant available silicon (PAS), is a product of Si-rich mineral dissolution. Different Si sources have different dissolution rates; the solubility of quartz is low compared to the easily soluble amorphous silica, diatomaceous earth.

SiliTom® Soil Conditioner (PAS) is absorbed by plants, benefiting the plant in terms of growth and resistance to disease and environmental stresses.
SiliTom® Soil Conditioner (PAS) also has a significant effect on soil texture, water holding capacity, adsorption capacity, and soil erosion stability.

Si also controls the chemical and biological properties of soil providing the following benefits:

  • Reduced leaching of phosphorous (P) and potassium (K) from soil providing more for the plants
  • Reduced Aluminum (Al), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn) and heavy metal absorption into the plant reducing plant stress
  • Improved microbial activity
  • Increased stability of soil organic matter
  • Improved soil texture
  • Improved water holding capacity and decreased loss
  • Increased stability against soil erosion
  • Increased cation exchange capacity (CEC)

SiliTom® Soil Conditioner may be absorbed by roots from the growing medium but SiliTom® Soil Conditioner can also be absorbed as a foliar application.

Numerous laboratory, greenhouse and field experiments  have shown the importance  of silicon as a  component in sustainable agriculture

Directions for use: 

For crops that are planted such as Corn, Wheat, Tomatoes and Peppers, etc, SiliTom® must be applied to the furrows before planting at the rate of 100 lbs/hectare. The product can be applied one to three days before planting.


  • Add the 100 lbs to the amount of water that is normally used for one hectare.
  • Approximately 30 days after germination, mix another 100 lbs. /hectare. And spray it onto the plants (foliar application)

For Apple trees & Cherries

  • spray 100 lbs diluted in water/hectare. onto the soil around the trees. Apply the product in the spring time as the trees come alive.
  • At flowering spray 100 Lbs. diluted in water/hectare via foliar application with the same application to be repeated at fruit formation.

Important: the spraying tank must have an agitating device in order to keep the SiliTom® in suspension during the application

Use on Lawn and Garden

SiliTom® separates the NPK particles, slows the release thereby improving utilization of the NPK and reduces the chance of the fertilizer burning the lawn.

  • Mix SiliTom® in fertilizer at the rate of one pound per 40 lbs of fertilizer to be broadcast on lawn. Use each time you fertilize the lawn, depending on the type grass you have.
  • Water lawn after application.
  • Mix at the same rate for garden as for lawn.
  • Broadcast in garden furrows before planting when starting from seed.
  • Approximately 30 days, after germination and at the time of fruit formation apply the same amount of SiliTom® mixed in water.
  • When planting pre-germinated plants, broadcast before planting and as described above.

Silicon Dioxide………………92%
Trace Minerals ……….……3.75%
Total: ……………………… 100% 

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