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Dehydration- Nature’s Oldest Form of Insecticide

It is estimated that up to 50% of all grain grown is damaged by insects. Chemical poisons, often do more harm than good. They must be applied repeatedly, resulting in the formation of a harmful residue. They also may lose their effectiveness as insects build immunity.

D-10 works mechanically to destroy insects. Insects can’t build immunity to D-10, DE is a desiccant, it absorbs the waxy cuticle protecting the insect causing the insect to lose body fluids and die by dehydration. There are no other ingredients in D-10 Grain and Seed Storage Insecticide other than the pure Diatomaceous Earth used in Perma-Guard™ products.

Kansas State University in conjunction with the USDA have attained positive results from testing Diatomaceous Earth. The USDA then stated in the Grain Inspector’s manual that grain proven to include DE as a protectant could not be downgraded.

Perma-Guard Grain and Seed Storage Insecticide D-10:

  • Gives long term protection
  • Does not need to be removed
  • Leaves no chemical residue
  • Stainless & Odorless
  • Non Combustible & Non-Explosive
  • Cost Effective

Preparation for Home Storage

Make certain your containers are clean, dry and suitable for storing food. Take a smaller container with a lid, fill it one third full with grain. Add the proper amount of DE, put the lid on and shake. Then pour the mixture into your storage container. Continue until finished. There is no need for extras such as Oxygen inhibitors, Nitrogen or Dry ice. You can enjoy the comfort of knowing that you are ready for winter or an emergency

Just one treatment will last for years and covers many types of insects.

When the grain is ready to be ground the DE may be removed but does not need to be. It is a food grade product. There will be no change in taste, texture of cooking qualities. You wont even know its there.

Guidelines for using Perma-Guard D-10

One cup of D-10 will protect 50 lbs of grain or seed

1 lb of D-10 (6 cups) will protect 300 lbs of grain or seed

5 lbs of D-10 will protect 1500 lbs of grain or seed

7 lbs of D-10 will protect 2000 lbs of grain or seed

Any leftover D-10 can be safely stored for future use in an area where it is kept dry and not exposed to other chemicals, noxious fumes or strong odors .


Please view Perma-Guard Grain And Seed Storage D-10 label for further details on use for Dusting grain storage bins.

Perma-Guard Grain and Seed Storage D-10 is OMRI Listed.

View Grain and Seed Storage D-10 Brochure

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2 Items