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Some of our distributors are on working farms and ranches. Always leave a message when instructed to do so. If you do not get a return call, please call our offices at (505) 243-1460 and we will do our best to fill your needs.

We have indicated under the distributor's name those products they normally carry.

  • FOSSIL SHELL FLOUR is Perma-Guard food grade diatomaceous earth.
  • MIX indicates an assortment of Perma-Guard insecticides and Fossil Shell Flour in different sized bags as shown on our web site.

If there are no distributors listed in your state, try the distributors in neighboring states. Many of our distributors have networks of retail outlets in states they are not listed in. That information can only be obtained by calling them. Or if you find that there are no distributors in your area, you may order through our website.

International Shipping

Perma Guard Fossil Shell Flour is shipped to many locations around the world. Our Fossil Shell Flour is shipped in 50 lb/22.67 kg bags to distributors who may repackage in smaller size quantities under their own private label. We can provide 20' and 40' HQ containers for shipment out of the USA. A 20 ' container holds 390 , 50 lb/22.57 kg bags on 10 pallets while a 40' container holds 858 bags on 22 pallets. Inquiries should be directed to permaguardnm@yahoo.com.

*Please note that our products that are sold as insecticides with an EPA registration number are not available in non-USA countries.


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  • Xtra Factors

    Ephrata  PA, 17522 US

    Phone: 717-859-1166

    [50 lb FOSSIL SHELL FLOUR by pallet only]

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